Sunday, April 22, 2012

Of a world, some boats and a gust of wind

An entire world chained in shackles,
break into pieces,
falling slowly like snow
and then like rain, creating ripples in the river.

The boats which were tied to the shore,
stare helplessly at the carbon sky
The shreds keep raining and snowing
and then disappearing in the water.

A gust of wind earns them freedom,
unwinding the ropes which held them back to the shore.
They float aimlessly swayed by the wind,
gather the remnants and get lost in the mist.

Time wonders, what fate held for them?
Did they reach the shores?
Or capsized on the way,
sinking at the bottom of the river's heart?

I still wake up from this nightmare
of a world, some boats and a gust of wind.

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