Monday, April 30, 2012

Every night you invade my world,
splashing your essence with your opacity,
You touch the deepest corner of my existence
with your growing blindness.

You paint images on my walls
give me eyes that can feel but can't see
The spiraling breeze soothes my tired soul,
speaks to me all night.

Sometimes I too speak to her,
she is an epitome of freedom
But is she really free, I wonder.

Sometimes, I speak to time
they lay under my pillow, eyes wide shut,
sometimes they sing to me and lull me to sleep
sometimes they ask me to keep vigil.

Huh! I am bored of this conversation,
I know you will soon wash off the last stains,
dethrone me of my kingdom,
But its okay, I will wait for the next train.


SANDIPAN said...


Anorak said...

I can't my friend... I have to keep waiting for the train all my life... keep walking!!!