Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Scribbbles of a lost dairy: Optimism

Wings of time is flapping again
Every drop of rain marks a new beginning

Eyes of sun no more glares
I feel no more those haunting flares

No more does the stars stare at me
I am all above, I am free

Days of darkness ends today
New optimism marks a new day

I feel life in every breath I take
A new beginning in every move I make

May this sun stay in my sky
Till to this earth I say good bye


Tanaya said...

Hey..nice lines! Wish the sun stays in your sky always and we get some bright poetry!

Vittaldas Prabhu said...

This poem is extremely uplifting. Very beautiful words. I guess there are not much intricacies that needs to be understood here. Thanks for starting my day with this extremely light piece of poetry.

You have missed one post at my blog. I hope you don't mind me pasting the link here: Too Afraid to Love. I would like to hear how you find it. :-)

Chhaya said...

Amen to that...

a poem to make us feel bit better.

Dreamy damsel said...

optimistic poem.. good to hear from you

Poonam said...

Loved the last two lines. Brought a smile to my face :)