Sunday, December 27, 2009

The war

The war is still on
tearing in two parts the soul
battles won and lost
but the war goes on

It leaves you dead in pain
as you try to fight it alone
your pain gives way to the shrills
as your shrills turn to moan

you think you can be free
breaking the shakles you will move on
but you better know you can never win
because it was always invincible

you try whatever you can
but the war will never end
it will kill u but still go on
as life perishes, fading on


Tanaya said...

aachha hein......ekhon ekta english kobitar boi publish korate paro....Bajare je shob kobira likhe..I believe U are way better than them

Chhaya said...

a very pessimistic poem haan... wassup? :)

new year wishes in advance :)

Vittaldas Prabhu said...

Ah! Truly amazing poem. A reality check was in order for the overly optimistic people. This war will rage on and mankind will perish, yet life will bring new existences. Loved this one.