Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Evening

It was dark in the evening
I was just a passerby to the place
had a bizarre feeling and halted a while
as some antique thoughts started to chase

The place was not a stranger
nor I was a stranger to it
still there was an emptiness
as if there was something I wanted to meet

I peeped and peered everywhere
searching the place lost and found
Soon my eyes stopped blinking
as shadows from the past lingered around

I tried to take control
but my veins started to frost
shivers ran down my spines
I was no more, I was lost

The last thing I remember was
something cold touched my hand
As sunlight flashed in my eyes
I found myself in a differnt land


Vittaldas Prabhu said...

This is unmistakably the "Ethereal Travel". Liberated from worldly existence. I like the way you have portrayed it in first person, rather than being the omniscient. Really nice.

Chhaya said...

a conflict, a struggle to keep a hold on the life, yet, reach out to the chasm between real and not-so-real..

this poem reminds me very strongly of _Hotel California_, the Eagles song.


Dreamy damsel said...