Monday, December 7, 2009

The meandering mind

I walked this path a thousand times
have seen this place before
I know you since I knew not me
but still feel to know you more

you are so close still so far
I wish we could be together
But don't know why,
you dont open your eyes
May be we don't trust each other

There are many who want to know
but you are never keen
aloof and alone as ever you stay
as the souls try to close in

May be now you don't realise
but i know someday you will
fumbling and stumbling as you walk
you will learn to be still


Standbymind said...

Wonderfully written...
Nice blog u gat in here

Calli said...

Interesting words and thoughts...


Chhaya said...

If you promise that u wont laugh at me then i will confess. i very strongly felt that this poem was written for me. just for me. and this is the success every writer wants, so congrats....

I have had a few persons in my life who tried to give me a place where i would open up...

the last two lines were very eloquent.

Loved this.

Poornima said...

As always... simply superb! love reading ur words :)

poonam said...

brilliant ... nice to read.

Vittaldas Prabhu said...

Outwardly, this seems to be a silent chat with a person who is a loner. It seems likes here is a concerned person who wants the loner to redeem his/her life and start living.

But, somewhere and somehow I felt that there is a conversation of the inner voice, the soul with the mind. I know I might sound weird, but I really thought so. The inner voice finds itself aloof from the mind, wants dearly to be reunited.

There is something in these lines that has touched me.

Anorak said...

@Standbymind: M HAPPY YOU LOVED MY WORDS .... keep coming and keep walking!!! :)
@Calli said: Thanks!!!! ... keep stopping by :)
@Chhaya said: Well!!! I didn't laugh but smiled because for the first time somebody has connected with my poem so inspire me .... keep walking!!! :)
@poonam: madamji.... hope to see u here more often .... :)
@Vittaldas Prabhu: well, you have got it bang on target as always ... it is indeed a concersation between a mind and a soul ... keep walking!!! :)

Dreamy damsel said...

btw who is it for? (tell tell)