Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Happy Princess

Behind the walls
a girl, caught in the glittery
dangling across her breasts, a name
like a serpent around her neck

its venom killing her soul
invisible she lay in broad daylight
some unmindful souls walk in
cursing and trampling, they walk out

Beneath, a virgin land
she steps in noiselessly
then plough with all her might
Alas! prints nowhere to see

She set alight the heart,
crimson fuels flow abundant
A lighthouse to the travellers
only if they could see

Beyond visions of rage and wrath
there lies cold mountains of an empty heart
A notebook scribbled with time
words fading away everyday


still thinking !!! said...

Do u expect me to comment on this? :)

Dreamy damsel said...

Who is 'she'??