Saturday, July 25, 2009

Just another day in paradise

It was late night and it started to rain .....

The housewife lied on the cozy corner of her room
eyeing the drizzles on the window pane

The lady in the market waded through the water
worrying about her newly bought slippers

The man stuck in the traffic
cursed God for the incessant downpour

The young girls danced, splashing water all around
thanking the almighty for the respite from heat

Rahim, hurriedly, picked his beddings from the pavement
And rushed to the nearby flyover arc
Thinking within himself:
'There won't be any sleep tonight'


still thinking !!! said...

very nicely done...loved the varried after effects u potrayed....

Poornima said...

this is so good..simple yet truthful.loved it