Monday, December 8, 2008

Sorry Brother...

I could never tell you
some words i wanna say
time ripped us apart
as you started drifting away

I admit I never understood
your feelings or your pain
all alone in the darkness
you murmured but all in vain

I realise how selfish I was
to not lend you a hand
But I swear, O Brother
you were always my closest friend

I dont't know how this distance grew
and we became estranged
and before I could catch you
you traversed to a different land

You won't beleieve me, I know
but I always adored you
your compassion for one and all
I always respected, n its true

Now as I stand, I promise
I will never leave your hand
will walk by your side, till I die
will always be your friend

Just don't leave me
please you never go
come back to life, oh Dear
we will be together like before

1 comment:

TESTA said... least hv d hand 2 hold on...ami to khujleo, chaileo pabona...GOD BLESS