Thursday, November 20, 2008


My words are harsh but intentions are right,
I know you are in dark but the future can be bright,
if u think -- the world is in ur hand,
or else its nothing but quicksand,

In know the present is bleak
as life traverses through unsuccessful streak
But that's all can change
life can be always rearranged

Nothing is impossible, nothing improbable
as long as u keep fighting, u can silent the babel
if u can gather urself and fight the battle
Life will surely be much more stable

sermons and lectures, it may now seem
But believe me life has oppurtunities umpteem
U have lost many battles, but the war is not over
U dont need to quit and go undercover

Clung on to hope and faith, move on
future still remains, past is gone
we all are here, including me and you
lots of hassles, happiness very few

delve deep inside and introspect
find ur strength and respect
nagging over the past, don't be upset
forgive urself and forget

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TESTA said...

mathae ki chilo?