Friday, June 1, 2012

Happy Birthday!!!!

It all keeps coming back to me,
the seconds, the minutes, the hours and the days,
the candles, the cakes and the wishes
the celebrations and the emptiness within,
the poems, the expressions and explanations,
-- all look the same, feel the same,
Sometimes I wonder if I skipped a year?
sleep walking each moment,
Moments which shrink at some corner of the canvass,
inch by inch they spread, completing the painting.
But then even the colours look the same,
the brushes and strokes,
the vibrancy, the dullness,
the shades and lights,
the lines and the curves,
In all their rebelliousness, there is obedience.
But they still look and feel the same.
Its all coming back to me once again
the seconds, the minutes, the hours and the days.


Raajii said...

And that's how it goes. Happy Birthday!

Life has a lot more to offer :-)

Jyoti mehta said...

wow .. gud creation Amit