Tuesday, May 22, 2012

You, me and the sea

I can hear your whispers even in the commotion of the waves which are born in the ocean. Waves which are born and die almost simultaneously across the vastness of your ever-extending existence. Your words come clear to my ears but I fail to find meaning in them, they blend with the breeze and the breathes of the raging sea, leaving me perplexed even in the oldest of nights. 
I held my ears close to the shore, lying naked all night amid the sand land, before they turned into a quicksand at the sudden stroke of white which smeared the night sky and all the surroundings with a shade of ash.

I was awake all night, deciphering the words which you had whispered to my ears. I crawled into the darkness and waited for the ocean to fall asleep but it never did. Rather, you walked into the sea at the dawn and disappeared when I was still blinded by the night. 

I wonder, why didn't you wake me up? Why didn't you wait for the light to break the shackles of the night? Why didn't you write your heart at the sands that we had made our home? Why didn't you take me with you to the sea? 

Now I stand alone at the shore and wait for the night to make me grow old. I wonder if I should walk into the sea. Every night, I hear your whispers and I try to decipher them but the message still eludes me. Each day, I decay a bit and each night I grow old. I hope someday you will walk out of the endless sea and whisper to me once again.

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