Friday, July 30, 2010

I gonna see you someday
when I finally go offshore
sit by your side and tell you
how I always loved you more

I know the sea will be silent
and the evening breeze forlorn
but my heart will hum our song
as i ponder on days forgone

But would you believe me then?
would you see the struggle I go through?
would you know how i wished to see you,
and cried all night through?

May be you will
with stripped ego, shreded pride
when you stand naked in the light
I hope you will realise my fight

I'll tell you then
how I wanted to be a better brother
to love you, pacify you, satisfy you,
and how I failed time and time again

I know I have to wait
and I am waiting
For deep inside my heart, I know
Someday I gonna see you
Finally when I go offshore

* Inspired from Mercy me: Finally Home. Of course via Goirick

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