Thursday, April 1, 2010

There lies an ocean
Its pleases all eyes
It welcomes all tributaries
But still at times cries

With a face enriched by the colour of sun
And smile worth a thousand rainbow
It shines and glitters always
But its eyes are always mum

You know it is deep
But you don't try to find
You wait a while and move on
As once again it stays blind.


the-silhouette said...

with the depth of the ocean lies a comparison, someone who is always there for others, whereas on the other hand, ppl though knowing, deny it....

the words convey great depth...

loved it buddy..

The Silhouette...

Vittaldas Prabhu said...

The first stanza of this poem swept me off my feet. This somehow links back to the human mind which is a ocean of thoughts. But we humans are so blinded to this beautiful gift of the mind that we ignore it completely. An amazing piece.

ANORAK said...

@silhouette: Thanks for the comment. It was written long time back during my graduation days. I just thought to upload it here. keep walking!!!

@Vittaldas: I am happy that u liked the first stanza.....u have always been able to decipher my poems...and u r true this time too....keep walking!!!