Friday, September 25, 2009

A Mystery called 'Life'

Life's mysteries are umteen. Even before we could understand the
essence of life and its values, we are already on the track,
living each moment, experiencing its ups and downs, often
complaining and questioning ourselves the reason we are alive
and each moments adds to the already passed times and in the
process, without even our knowledge it keeps us alive, awake and
in for a mysteries journey we call life.

I call life 'mysterious', one might differ but surely for me it
the greatest mysetry of the universe or I should say even if the
mysteries of the whole universe is clubbed into one, it can't
challenge the can of mysteries that life unfolds in its sojourn.

It is a book of possibilities, an ocean of unforseen happenings,
a chronology of events, which unlike a film cannot be fast
forwarded and watched, rather it is like making a pearl
necklace--u can only do it one at a time or the necklace will
never be made.

I still remember my school days, when everyday maa would make a
tiffin, We didn't know what was in store and everyday we used to
wait for the recession period, the moment the bell rang we
should to rush to open the tiffin box and everyday there was a
surprise, sometimes exciting while some times disappointing, but
whatever it was she never ceased to amaze us.

I sometimes ponder with amazement as what a great scriptwriter
GOD must be as everyday he is writting such thrilling plots for
more then 6,706,993,152 lives on this earth, each one somehow
different from one another. Doesn't it give u goose bumps? Well,
it surely gives me quite often.

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Anonymous said...

Amit can you write more about collegiate school and childhood and teenage? - An old friend