Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Autumn sighs

Some strewn dry leaves wait on the roadside,
trampled mercilessly, struggling for survival,
A gust of wind sweeps them away,
As they ride on to a different land.

I pick them up,
stitch, spray n decorate,
And fix them in my drawing room vase,
they would no longer be trampled,
I think.

But their wistful eyes keep staring
the standing trees by the window pane

-- Death was better....
As another winter goes by.


modern exile said...

"death was better" but we need more life but then, for how long can they stare???

still thinking !!! said...

they stare with "dead eyes" Sagorika

Extremity said...
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Extremity said...

poetry of autumn..
or lets say,
soul of autumn sighs