Friday, September 5, 2008

Prayer No more

You asked me to walk the line
I trudged on as long as I could see
You showed me the light and asked me to follow
I accepted it as a blessing bestowed on me

You asked me to listen to the heart
said you will gain everything you desire
your words were truth to me
and I marched on without much care

You said who dare wins
I believed, and kept hanging on your rope
You said true love always stays
as I kept floating on your hope

You said Man creates his own destiny
and I could not have agreed more
"no dream is big, count my words", You said
And I kept banging on heaven's door.

Moments elapsed, days rolled by,
time kept riding up the hill.
I prayed for hours at your feet
unheard, unanswered as life came to a standstill

I still clung to You
Hoping for some splashing miracles
waiting for your magic to touch my soul
I kept ringing the division bells

The days pilled on to years
As the wait stretched to infinity
your divine hands still eluded me
there was still no sign of your affinity

My prayers soon turned into sobs
As words took refuge to tears
Failure marked life's itinerary
As faith turned into fears

Stubborn time still marched on
As age plagued the miserable life
My belief stumbled in the face of anxieties
As crimson tears clouded my frail eyes

I don't pray to You anymore
Because I end up reciting an litany of grievances
Your eyes are also silent, and so are the lips
may be you too don't have answer to my complaints.

I know tomorrow I will perish
And will meet You at Heaven's door
Even then You will push me to Hell
And say my child "You should have tried more."

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TESTA said...

eto bhalo ki kore likhish??????