Friday, August 29, 2008

Night goes on 2

the computer screen is dazzling
..almost blinding me at the middle of the night
....the room is drenched in obscurity...
the only survivor is me....

Straining eyes....insomniac
didnt shut down in 36 hours
still sleep eludes the eyes
amidst the snorting of rich souls

m sweating, its dead night
quest to express something inexpressive
awake, awake ..screams the night
waiting for the daylight

letters aren't legible
thoughts inedible
stubborn logic create meanings
struggling to break the cryptic feelings

anger or anguish?who knows
silence or dearth of meaningful words?
hide and seek or a love lost
Ask me?its a personal holocaust

butchers with roses
killing doves with rose
massacred in anonymity
all for the life he chose

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