Sunday, April 9, 2017

pair of wings

I always wanted to fly,
staring through the windows
when the birds flew out of the guava tree,
or the pigeons gurgled in our neighbor's roof,
as if mocking my existence,
I always would shoo them away.
Then an idea struck me,
what if I could grow a pair of wings,
So I begged for some magic spells from my grand mom,
who could make the fever go away, or cure an upset stomach 
just by chanting some words into a pinch of salt.
She would pacify me by telling many stories but never gave away any magic spell.
My science books too didn't offer any help.
I also went to Ronto kaku, who had a penchant for machines. 
He did promise to make me a pair of wings
only if I study hard.
Time rolled on and I buried myself in books,
Ronto kaku also passed away and his promise remained unfulfilled.
Many years later, 
now when I see the pigeons fluttering around me, 
I don't feel mocked anymore, 
perhaps I realize now that I can never fly,
I was tied to the earth when I was born.

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