Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Of Religion, Sufferings and Science

Why all this whining?
Its a simple calculation of checks and balances, if you believe in karma, then its a cycle of zillion births across innumerable species, in search of light that will always elude you, but every birth is a chance to reach a little closer to the shining star, where the home of our soul rest finally. What you do here writes a new chapter in another Universe beyond time.
The word is detachment, the idea is to float in a light with all your roots connected to the ground but yet you are not bound by it, you could traverse the various realms of reality and find a truth that makes you one with yourself.
If religion is not your poison and you believe in machines and the fathomless ocean of science intrigues you then stay rest assured that it is just a random event -- all your pain, your suffering and anxiety, along with the heights of ecstasy, pinnacle of happiness and mountains of peace. Its all a coincident, a change of events all unrelated and related in many ways sometimes creating a ripple in our lives.

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