Thursday, March 10, 2016

Verses of a meaningless song

A Four letter word
And a journey of seven heavens and hell.
Circumventing planets, stars and galaxies,
Still no sign of home.

A weapon tastes blood
And grows a secret blade
Hate cut both ways,
Keep it away from your tongue.
The Isle is not far from here
A few nights remains to dawn.
Don't doze off now, not yet
The boat is ready to take you to sleep.
Tie the remaining broken threads in a knot,
You will always remember who you are,
Long after you are home.


Don't search them in your pockets,
They must have escaped through the nights,
spilled over on weekend binges,
Or vapourised in midnight haze.
Torn socks can't keep you warm through winters,
So stop running now,
Hold your breath as long as you can.
And you will find them again.

Dreams have a voice,
They talk in hushed tones.
Don't try to decipher them,
Caging them is losing them.
Vapours on glass
gets erased in sun.
If you try to swim across the night,
Be prepared to get wet in silence.
You can't store hope in a jar,
This pickles are timeless
But dreams won't last long here,
Mix ginger and mustard oil,
And spend some time under the sun
They will remain forever young.
One tea spoon of sugar in a cup of tea
That's how he liked his mornings
He learnt early
Too much love or too little
could be injurious to health.

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