Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Social media is the best and worst thing that has happened to us. Because here is a platform where we can pour out our emotions instantly, share our knowledge and also educate us in many ways. We can throw our anchor in this vast ocean and someone on the other end will catch it and we can build a bridge.
But it is also a corner, which is slowly taking over our home, where we can blow our own trumpets, indulge in chest–thumping for the ideologies we believe in and can get instant gratification through the likes and shares of our friends, fans, bhakhs or comrades whatever we like to call them.
Selfies with pouting lips offends me, while the pictures of the recipes which someone cooks offends someone else, my selective outrage or eulogy against or for a particular ideology or political party offends my friends and their silence over what I believe in makes me boil.
When I croon a Kumar Sanu song, I become a dimwit who drools over Bollywood, while I dislike your boisterous self-indulging superiority over Hollywood flicks.
You can spit venom at my choices and preferences and name it a banter, while my playful remarks becomes snide sarcasm to you.
Who are we trying to fool my friends,
who are we trying to trick?
Who are we trying to fool with speeches of development and intolerance?
What are we gaining with such sermons on nationalism and freedom?
Where are we heading with this rivers of hate?
why are we feeding this hiding monsters of our souls?
when will we end this war of pain?
As we stand across this raging river,
let us sing songs of change and freedom.
yes, let us sing songs of freedom,
together as we stand under the sun.
A song for
Freedom from lust,
Freedom from anger,
Freedom from greed,
Freedom from Arrogance,
Freedom from pride.

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