Sunday, February 28, 2016

Way to home

The highways whistle past the woods,
Catching glimpses of the sun through the foliage on its way, 
like bogies drenched in streetlights at midnight trains, 
splashing yellow, weaving lemon dreams.

Breeze sings a morning raga, 
mind weaves sweet memories, 
hallucinating in drowsy afternoons. 
Alexi paints dreams, drifting like clouds in the sky.

Eyes lust for the hills, 
Umiam casts a spell, 
everything fades on its crystal water, 
Shillong beckons the soul.

Lukha takes away the eyes,
Drinking the sins of earth,
It looks like the blue throat of Lord Shiva,
Hiding in it's deep blue eyes, a raging silence.
When the road turns up at Sonapur,
It brings a heart break.
A sudden gust of pain that makes you puke,
For life here after is a sad song,
Lynched roads wail in agony.
No skin to peel off, no bones to crush,
left with her broken skeletons,
like a ghost stuck under a spell, 
A shadow meanders around in pain. 
Lubha breaths in silence.

Ar Ramnagar, Silchar still smiles with longing eyes,
As Life comes home one more time.

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