Thursday, February 25, 2016

I saw a river. On one side a sea of people dressed in white were
holding red flags. On the other a lady with flowing cascade lead an
army of saffron. Goirick called to me where are you standing? Adity
said Amitda we r here. A man wrote something in a white paper and gave
it to the lady. She threw the pen in the water and torn the page into
halves.and gave one half to the man. He threw that page away in rage
and demanded for the other half.

Next moment, I was around people who were talking among
can they divide us into two. Democrats and communists. I kept saying I
still believe in my country but I won't take sides.

Then a man on the other side of the river set up a pyre and he lay on
it. From the other side, the lady lit up an arrow and threaten to
throw it on the pyre as we kept looking at her shocked, confused &

I am climbing down a stair.on every step there are saadus with long
hairs and Trisul but their eyes are all burning ball of fire.I run
down the stairs and when I come out I find it is a tree which is
innocuously hiding among a sea of trees. Two men were roaming in that
forest looking for them. I told them they are inside a tree. We come
near a dilapidated building when a zillion saadus with swords pour out
from everywhere, their eyes burning ball. We took shelter in the
building. I wake up.

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