Thursday, December 24, 2015



Not a drop of forgiveness will escape your heart,
you epitome of perfection,
your self-righteousness bemuses me.

You who speak of backbone
but have those termites eating your blood,
look at yourself,
peer inside your closet.
you will find corpses,
who died many years ago,
smothered by your burden of silicate dreams.

You who preach of evangelistic sermons,
look at your pride that fuels your Utopia.
You who want to dance
in the misty waves of an ever-eroding development dream,
blinded by the hollow ego of illusionary time.
Take a while and taste the rain,
its tears born out of penury and pain,
don't let it drain down,
in vain.

You who still dream of an Elysium,
and fight over Jesus, Allah and Ram.
Wake up from the seductive slumber,
No miracle will happen,
To our rescue, no Angel will come.

Its time to lit a pyre in our hearts
and burn all vanity and pride,
Lets learn to love and forgive,
and walk hand-in-hand,
side by side.

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