Friday, December 5, 2014


You are with me,
even when the world blackout, 
consumed by a dark black hole.

even when I am breezing through the cacophony of my concrete reality, I see you in those thousand windows running in the multiplexes of my mind, knitting a sweater for me for the winter to pass.

even when I'm sleeping in the torn pages of my ignominious poetry at night, I find you waiting under my pillow, baring your heart for me to scribble the lost stories of history and time.

even when I'm swimming and sinking in the quagmire of my delusory dreams which I had saved like the coins in the peggybank of time, I can see you throwing a rope at me all the time on the banks of a world which they call illusory.

Now even you have faded, 
weak and wasted like me, 
time has etched all its failures on your naked body, 
so its just you and me now,
now and always.
Till forever betrays.

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