Monday, April 14, 2014

A Ganja Tripping

You take me to a ride,
a pathway to a different land.
You showed me worlds which I never knew existed,
from the depths to the rage of love,
plastic times to when time flowed like the Gangas.
You showed me rainbows that never faded,
tasting colors which born and die in a separate world,
You drove me to wild and disturbing nights,
of Irongmara mid-nights,
snaking labyrinth of ecstasy and floating raagas of PHE tilla.
You also held my hands and walked me in gardens,
a bed of flowers which no world can hold,
You took me to bridges which could bridge boundaries of our neighbours,
floating under the Srinagar sky on Dal lake,
where water is so crystal that you look better in them.
You took me to mountains which smelt like El Dorado,
to oceans which only Poseidon tamed,
You took me to that giant clock where I sat all day once,
listening to the division bell

which brought evenings across the expanding horizon.

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I Romanticize said...

This all sounds so beautiful :-)