Saturday, October 26, 2013

From far side of me

Construction and Deconstruction is what love is,
or perhaps life itself is.

The sun which breathed its last across the horizon,
only took its baby steps somewhere else.

The land between life and death,
where souls roam about in vast emptiness,
lost one of their own, the day one is born
in the world we called earth.

The reason which grows smiles on my lips,
is just a silent sigh which escaped someone's breath.

Like the sky-scrapers where I search for my home,
And work for my livelihood are nothing but 
tentacles of some underneath octopus, 
which is sucking dry the blood of the Mother Earth.
Like utopia and dystopia co-existing, 
like two faces of the same coin.
Life is like a maze where you walked into since childhood,
Looking for a way, but always get lost.
A series of tunnels, which leads to more tunnels.
A cycle of day and night which never ends,
the story where the characters never seems to agree to the ending.
A search of answers which only led to more questions,
like swimming to the depth of the ocean to be exposed by more mysteries which till that point didn't exist.
Like looking to gauge the black hole in the outer space,
discovering the one which exist inside us.

From the far side of me,
there is clarity in bizarreness,
the lights that twinkle in the river bed,
are diamonds in an alternate world.

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SANDIPAN said...

liked it..nice metaphors..(nice seems out of place may b)