Wednesday, January 2, 2013

There is a man in the corner,
He wanted to be a hero,
putting a blinder, he runs now,
in search for the zero.

He played himself all his life,
now they want him to be someone else
He painted his skin, wore a diction
but still the same he smells. 

There are ladders on swanky office cabins,
But he didn't know how to climb,
He is trying to find a way out
but he is running out of time.

Every night, he stares at the old ship,
waiting for it to reach the shore.
It has been sailing for too long,
and now his hopes are not too strong. 

His dreams doesn't change colour,
still black and white and a bit grey.
But now he is looking for a springboard
to catapult out of the fray.