Sunday, July 29, 2012

From where I stand


What ifs and why nots,
life is caught in knots,
now all the questions that confronted me ever,
seems like a zillion highways stretching out in front of me in zillion different directions.

From where I stand, 
I see a traveller waiting for an answer in each of these highways, 
questions of their sadness and fear writ large on their face,
stories of failure and helplessness blooded with love and lust in their eyes,
Their lips zipped by time and heart chained for a light years.

From where I stand, 
I see trees waiting to grow to form a wall around the highways,
trees which were sowed many years ago,
waiting for something beyond light and water, they wait.
their existence lying in dust.

From where I stand, 
I see deserts waiting to find their shape and form,
To wash-off the dust from their soul, 
waiting for a long draught of life,
Their existence awaiting a touch.

From where I stand, 
I see many different things in many different ways,
in many different colours and shade,
all waiting for their end.
all waiting for their new beginning.

1 comment:

A Cuban In London said...

I really liked your poem. It's got a very upbeat and defiant tone. Especially the ending. It augurs well. Hope, methinks.

Greetings from London.