Thursday, June 28, 2012

A day's Dairy

1. What if I make a boat,
where would I find a river?
there aren't enough tears left inside
to create a new one anymore.

2. They grow taller each day, spreading its branches all around and its shades are always so sweet and breeze so soothing that carress the traveller's soul.

3. Will time wipe out the tears that hides in the nature's eyes?

4. I need some sunshine now because in darkness all colors look the same.

5. Sometimes our vision gets blurred, only time can wipe it clear.

6. The fields cried for some rain and then it drowned itself in it.

7. I've seen death, death is beautiful, an eternal sleep that rests the soul into a calm chamber.

8. The road keeps a vigil on the tired soul, the green hides the blues but a storm is brewing and its still a long way to home.

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