Friday, March 23, 2012

I Love You

I love you in my ramblings
and my ageless meanderings
I love you in the darkness of my heart
and in the depth of my prayers

I love you in the shadows of my endless nights
and in my moments under the sun
I love you in the confusion of my gibberish thoughts
and in the stillness of my stark silence

I love you in the crest and trough of my unsung songs
and the rhymeless words of my zillion unwritten poems
I love you in the zenith of my rage and scorn
and in nadir of my self-esteem and self-destruction.

I love you in the squalor and penury
and in the seldom splendor and affluence of life
I love you in the slavery of my habits
and in the freedom of my breath


Anonymous said...

Just one word....'BEAUTIFUL'

Goirick B said...