Thursday, February 23, 2012

Aaj aabar sopnoy dekhechi,
sopner talikae shirshe sheta,
amader man hobe, kotona aaram hobe,
tokhoni bastob eshe mare kamor aar bole uthe:
"Ay bar tui morbi beta"

Once again I had a dream,
a dream which sets atop my tree,
we will cull the clouds of hope,
and rain into the barren land,
quench the thirst of the earth
and free the captive wind,
hang from the tree branches,
and run endlessly through the paddy fields
put the touch-me-nots to sleep,
and sleep over the heap of hay
get drunk on their aroma
and see the sun come down,
paint the sky with its crimson brushes,
count the zillion stars which illuminates the night,
follow the fireflies till they disappear in the dark.
Once again, I had a dream.
A dream which sets atop my tree.