Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Tree

I see you standing there
unnoticed, unheard and unsung
nondescriptly you grow old
from a sapling to a tree

your branches move up to the sky
and you dream of touching them one day
roots dug in to the earth,
and you hope to unlock the mystery
that lies beneath at its heart

Seasons pass by, years roll by
like a warrior you stand, eyeing the sky
with youthful exuberance you weather them of all
gain in weight and grow tall

But with time a realization sinks in
what if the sky stays always out of reach
and my roots never touch the bosom
and my branches fail to bind the breeze?

Now as the night descends on you
I see you lost in gibberish thoughts
your whispers and wailing fades in the dark
As you stay awake forever lost

With dreams broken and hopes shattered
you lie burdened by your own weight
dozing off under the afternoon sun
only waiting for the end of wait


Eon Heath said...

Hey, Hi
well i havent read much of yor subject oriented pieces before...but this one was so apt...
beautifully penned buddy...beautiful...

The Silhouette..

Anorak said...

thanks, Eon ... thanks for stopping by ... I am glad that u liked it... keep walking!!!