Saturday, January 1, 2011

A year of nothings

Another one flies through the cages,
cages I built over the years
of dreams, of thoughts, of age
yet i stay a man with no qualms
no pain and no tears

Another mundane sack of moments
lazy, unexciting and unworthy
nothing to be proud of
nothing to feel ashamed
life is in slow motion
and aspirations doze off

I'm older, elder but empty
neither wiser, nor foolish
sagacious or imbecile either
perhaps, a little careless

I made a few friends
but they faded into acquaintances
and then to nothings
old friends, static
old foes?
never had, never mattered

The growing distance became more distant
Alas, a little slow but on course
tied arms of my wall clock couldn't bind time
nor sleepless eyes halted the days that melt into night
hope walked the edge, living dangerously, but alive

Patience enveloped my world
reining my heart, mind and soul
before transforming into intangibles
as life condenses into a metaphor

I still stumble on the way
fumble when I speak
and tumble when I seek
But nevertheless,
Yet I stay a man of no qualms,
no pain, no tears

Another one flies through the cages,
cages I built over the years

1 comment:

The Silhouette said...

Hey Buddy
Well, after a long time i should say...
what you have penned here is so beautifully portrays all the emotions of a heart yet, its shows the mind so calm...
beautiful...and exceptionally so...

The Silhouette...