Thursday, May 13, 2010

I see myself hanging
I see myself crushed
I see myself soaked in blood
in a corner of my cozy bed

I thought I can change life
But life changed my thought
In pursuit of a saviour soul,
I failed to save my soul

Now often in a corner of my mind, I ponder
does death pain more or life?
If suicide is a sin, what is love?
and if sin still exist when there is no life?

He tells me there is peace in death
I ponder on it
as I see myself again
in the darkness of my ever-changing labyrinth.


Just Me said...

Very interesting poem. It seems I have been pondering some very similar things lately. Take a look at my blog if you are interested.

Vittaldas Prabhu said...

I can count on you to write strong, really strong lines. This is intense self reflection. Really intense! The illusion is easy to live, but the reality is something that this troubled individual wants to be an illusion and the illusion he is living be reality. That is not going to happen. The labyrinth keeps closing in on him. It has taken his soul away.