Monday, April 19, 2010


I beg for sleep every night
hear zillion voices fight
faces known and unknown
questions that never saw the light

I reprimand myself
for screams incognizable in my brain
thoughts imperceptible keep barging inside
as night falls in the beaten lane

I even lick the alligator's boots in heaven
pray for his mercy and grace
HE kicks my fate in his trashbin
and says: U r just another case!


SANDIPAN said...

reminded me of my lst semester at nit silchsr..and also at orissa...i cud nt sleep for like three days at a continuously...there is a sweetness here ...because it rhymes....and almost makes me smile with.." i know" kind of feeling.....but it was hell really...

SANDIPAN said...
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Anorak said...

I have been through hell .... anyways keep walking!!!

aditi said...

well described.........