Sunday, February 7, 2010

So you are a loser
you cry, you die
you rot amidst fly

You make attempts
of chaining time
and in your breath
melancholy hymn

But sometimes you smile
counterfeited mirth
inhumed in your eyes
somethings earthed

And then you roam endlessly
spiralling in the silence
of a cast away heart

You were never difficult
But now you intertwine words
with riddles and scrabbles

Honestly, I don't enjoy the game
perhaps, neither do you
But why this distance
Do you have a clue?

The record repeats itself
grooving timelessly
you script another odyssey
I only watch listlessly


Vittaldas Prabhu said...

Are we talking of "life" and "history repeating itself"? The melancholic drama that unfolds itself repeatedly and it seems all mirthless? There is life and death and one cannot find any amusing meaning out of this vicious cycle. All that is left is accounts over accounts of great deeds by great people who never lived to see their greatness spread all over.

the-silhouette said...

they come,
to go...
they live,
to die,
in pain,
they sacrifice...

those lines were amazing buddy...loved them all the way....

keep going...

The Silhouette...

Gyanban said...

First timer on your blog, interesting choice of words..quite like it.

still thinking !!! said...

nice,can be better :P .Work