Friday, January 15, 2010

Separation is what our love is ...

The sky tells the earth
I wish to touch your heart for once
but all that I can do is watch you
all day and night
Separation is what our love is.

The sun tells the moon
I wish we could float together in the blue sky
but all I can do is burn
all day and night
separation is what our love is.

The sun tells the waves
you are so lucky to touch every now and then
Ocean replies: yes, I can
but we can never be together ever
Separation is what our love is.


Vittaldas Prabhu said...

The sky-earth, sun-moon, waves - the technique you have used to portray separation is simply touching. I like the imagination on that. The conflict, perhaps, couldn't have been expressed better with all these analogies you have very beautifully used here. I feel the conflict, the pain and anguish. Superb.

P.S.: You are missed at my blog. I guess you are busy, but if you can spare some time do visit.

Chhaya said...

I cant tell you enough times that you are amongst the very few, I feel a connection to. Your writings always make complete sense to me.. the words sound so familiar..

this poem touches on the subject that I have explored more than I want to accept. being in love, yet being away... not being able to bridge the gap.

you have described it all with subtle beauty that I would love to achieve.

the last stanza is simply the best!

PS: I agree with Vittal, u are missed at my blog too :)

Anorak said...

Thanks guys!!! some words rhyme themselves and mould into a poem...alas! down under lies a corpse of truth, unseen, unheard, unsung ... keep walking!!!

Dreamy damsel said...

oh my God.. that was profound.. true but agonising..!! Why is the truth so damn bitter..

samrat said...

Anorak, "keep walking" is a beautiful optimistic phrase and "truth" is what we believe and do in our daily life and it is very much upon us whether to make it ugly or beautiful for the most of the times. If we all ,both individually and collectively, strive to move towards excellence in our day to day activities(from the most trivial one to the most important one) truth ceases to be ugly and manifests itself as the most beautiful thing in our world. It is upon us whether we are ready to pay the price.
And yes definitely, as you say, keep walking.