Monday, November 23, 2009

Die, die
die my baby bro
lie down here
i'll lick clean
the stinking floor

don't cry, dont cry
don't cry my baby bro
my tears will quench your thirst
don't worry, just hurt me
and see how she flow

Fly, fly
fly my baby bro
I'll cut my wings
and give it to you
sail along as the wind blow

don't try, dont try
don't try, my baby bro
you are no lesser mortal!
let me do the doings
you rest, take it slow

P.S. These are just random words to keep my sanity intact. Its not a poetry.
"I don't mean what I say
I don't say what I mean
lost and lonely
I keep encircling the ring"

1 comment:

Vittaldas Prabhu said...

These may be random words but each stanza has a inner voice. It is dark, yet these are real emotions.