Thursday, October 22, 2009

Of a lost Leaf and a Spider

A dry leaf, lost and forlorn
fell from the high tree
floating blissfully in the air
it gravitates, waiting to be free

Forsaken for forever
it wished to die in earth's lap
but as it tumbles down the way
it finds itself entangled in a cobweb

A lonely Spider's web, it was
spun with its shiny spinneret
wrapped in its silk, the leaf lay
waiting for its wishful death

oblivious to the lying leaf
the spider trudges on
its spinning organs spin webs
morning, night and dawn

Everyday gusts of wind
threaten to tear away its strings
oscilliating between two worlds,
the leaf lay, waiting to break the jinx


Poornima said...

Love the way you express it...caught in 2

Kathiesbirds said...

Very dramatic story poem, a metaphor for life.

still thinking !!! said...


PassionMust said...

lovely writing