Monday, June 15, 2009

When Dreams die

you used to swear in my name
waiting for the day with alacrity
when I'll cease to be a temtation
and move from virtual to reality

you used to spent umpteen nights
with your head on my heart
sometimes sobbing, sometimes cuddling
unmindful of time's moving applecart

Alas! time has really changed now
you don't remember me at all
shamelessly bartering me away
for some glittering paper notes
now you walk a different road

you no more wait for the day
coz you can create the morning ray
you no more spent nights in my arms
you don't stay enough to see it come

you no more cry for me
i don't interest you anymore
sold in the brothel of ur life
I'm just a forgotten folklore

today, I lay all alone
lost in the darkness of ur mind
each day fading away
like the slipping sands of time


Little Girl Lost said...

khub shundor laglo... but why such a sombre mood amit?

Anorak said...

kichu particular na er sob kichu na rokom chehara aamia ja golpo bole.....tari ekta chaya....aamar kobita.....thaks ....keep walking!!!

TESTA said...

betha hoy je...keno?

still thinking !!! said...

this one kills me and who will know better than you

still thinking !!! said...

make me me creeps..i hate it...aweful aweful aweful....

Poornima said...

This is so very good..very well expressed.keep it rolling