Wednesday, May 20, 2009

In my place: Part 2

In my place
broken roads still greet you home
transportation can break your bone
No matter wherever you roam

In my place
garbages still litter the streets
coverting the town into a trash bin
But people still move without chagrin

In my place
people still dine in candle lights
stay awake till the morning light
and move around like a lost kite

In my place
people live life damn care
lost in the zigzag maze
life moves in reverse gear

In my place
children with dreams of a wonderland
leave home and never come again
Alas! ditching their own homeland

Note: I love my homeland as much as anyone else but after staying away from her for all these years, I can now see how battered and bruished we all have made her and how she has endured all these over the years. When I was entering my place, I had the feeling of a long lost son, who was once again coming back to his mother and hence the first poem, i,e Part 1 but once I stayed a while and the initial euphoria settled in, I could see vividly what we have done to her and from this realisation was born this part 2. If it hurts anybody's sentiments, please made them vocal and I do apologise for them before hand.


still thinking !!! said...

appriciate it

modern exile said...

Now this is better balanced. We need to look at both the sides- the good and the bad..

Tanaya said...
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Tanaya said...

Good....yet again i will say that i like that yr poem rhymes!!!
I was reading Paulo Coelho's "Devil and Miss Prym" and always felt that there was a striking similarity between the place talked about in that novel and our own homeland. The people have there have this killing "i care damn attitude" and the aware ones set out for greener pastures..its us, our own people who are contributing to its precarious plight

Little Girl Lost said...

Amit- i loved this sense of contrast between this poem and the last, and that both of them have such a sense of wistfulness in them.
and like tanaya, i liked the sense of rhythm.

BTW, i am making plans to visit your place this summer. lets see if that materializes :)

Anorak said...

@Goirick: thanks for ur appreciation!
@sagorika: I lived with this contrasting feeling for 10 days during my last visit and even when I am not there, I feel this contrast has become a part of life...
@Tanaya: I will try to read the book that you talked about. I am happy that my words are touching a chord with you all because to be honest, I have always been too shy to write anything...keep walking!!!
@Amritorupa: M happy that u are going to my place but how did this happen..that baffles me...coz u r in Jaipur and u are planning for a Silchar trip all of a sudden...M clean bowled...:)

Preetilata【ツ】 said...

this is something that happens everywhere.

from village to city...from city to metros... form there to foreign. :)

beautifully written and well contrasted and balanced with d part 1..

Sujoy Bhattacharjee said...

Liked both part-I and II equally. As for the note, well you could be more correct.
But then years later, it will be Part-I that you will remember...