Saturday, February 28, 2009


Oh! M stuck from tip to toe
looking for the shore

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samrat said...

Amit you were asking for some comments from me quite for some time now but, needless to say, the already diminishing aesthetic senses have shrunk to extinction now thereby making it really hard to conjure up some reasonable comments appraising your lines. And maybe this is what mediocracy all about.
But maybe some old lines will be able to do more justice:

My frustration and I,
Always said to each other that:
"I want to see your entity being extinct"
But neither saw our wish come true
In that pursuit many came and left
I found myself a many times deserted in solitude
In the daylight my shadow was there with me
While in the dark it too left
But like a true friend my frustration was there always
Then I felt like a discoverer, I understood a truth
That frustration is the torch-bearer in the dark paths of life
This doubled my energy and rekindled me
And made my spirit a little dauntless
Previously, I doubted quite often:
Ever could my pen glean my teeming brain
Now I feel, with my frustration on my side,
That 'Yes I can.'

Please bear with me if you find these lines terrible. :)